Play while your away. Collaboration, questing, crafting and conquering. It's a party, coming soon!

Cross Platform

Play anywhere, works on all your devices, just sign in!

Day and night

Set it and forget it. This is not your normal clicker RPG, make real progress while you are away.

All skill levels

Easy to learn, difficult to master. Invite your friends, party size matters!

Mobile Friendly

Designed from the ground up with mobile devices in mind. You can easily check in on your character, contact your friends and keep up on the status of your quests and crafting goals on your phones as easily as your desktop.


Coded with your battery in mind! We were tired of all the games that would wreck our phones, so we've made sure you can play all day and your phone will stay nice and cool. Of course you can keep it open on your desktop and we will keep it easy on your Comcast data cap too.

Fun For Everyone

Keeping in mind that this is a fantasy RPG, we try our best to keep it as mild mannered as the genre allows. Come have a great time and invite the family to play along too!

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